Our Team

Trestles LLC is a Tennessee-based engineering consulting firm. We are driven and focused on providing innovative and intellectual solutions for the Environment, our Clients and Team Members with the utmost levels of integrity, efficiency, and prosperity.

Client Relationships

Client Relationships represent our NUMBER ONE core value. We view our ability to work with a client as a privilege and the key contributor to our growth and success. Therefore, we focus a lot of energy in establishing strong long-term relationships with our clients. Our Team delivers preeminent service to every project and client to ensure exceptional performance and customer value.


Following directly behind our number one core value is our belief in TEAM. Many companies want to say they work as a team, but lack crucial communication and trust skills. TEAM is ingrained in our company’s philosophy and we perfect it at every step. Each Team Member is a vital part of our company and WE maintain a creative and laughter-filled atmosphere. Enjoyment of our daily duties leads to a stronger Team, exceptional talent, greater value to our clients, and loyalty to our beliefs.


Our vision is simply to be one of the most sought-after engineering consulting firms, period. A bold statement, but our Team believes that a vision should be bold and given time a reality. Accomplished by combining our fundamental skills in business, engineering, market knowledge, industry expertise, and technical know-how with creative solutions.


Our Team is composed of engineers and other technical professionals that have gathered a vast and diverse amount of experience. Most Team Members have worked for large and small firms on various sized projects. We tune each Team Member’s experience through our Team concept and our goal for stronger client relationships. Together OUR company has the talents and knowledge to serve each client, project, our community and each other past any individual horizon.